As a former educator, I know politics play a vital role in our schools. I will

  • Fight for higher wages for teachers, and funding & resources for public schools.
  • Work on nonpartisan bills that protect our children and teachers in the classroom.
  • Work to make sure we obtain increased funding for  school buses and public transportation.

Housing & Fair Wages


As a former grant writer who wrote budgets for housing and more. I will

  • Focus on securing funding to increase our demand for housing.
  • Fight to secure dollars for   seniors, veterans, the homeless population, and first time home buyers.
  • Continue to fight for higher paying wages so that workers can afford housing.

Economic Development


As a veteran business owner who helped over 250 business owners start, grow and maintain their businesses, I understand communities do not prosper without economic development.   Therefore, I will

  •  Work to provide resources to entrepreneurs, women, veterans, and all businesses to increase economic prosperity in District 46.



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